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Oil Paintings

- Select from thousands of museum quality

oil paintings for sale

 all at the lowest prices!

Original 3 Dimensional Artwork Signed by the Artist, Museum Quality Oil Paintings on Canvas

We provide an extensive gallery of spectacular original 3 Dimensional hand-painted oil paintings which can be seen either in our physical showroom or directly purchased online.

We believe our customers are entitled to touch and feel our beautiful oil paintings before they buy them and therefore we encourage our customers to visit our art exhibition in Chadstone.

During their visit our customers receive in depth art consultancy specifically developed to their living dining room, bedrooms, formal entry area to customize our fine art to best suit their homes.

We provide this one-on-one art consultancy free of charge and we take pride in selecting the most suitable wall art for our customers' homes.

We specialize in Melbourne and Sydney Icons and portray them in a historic atmosphere on our oil paintings painted to museum quality standards.

We do not sell printed art, canvas transfers or canvas art that is machine generated.

All of our oil paintings are produced by our highly skilled artist having many years of hands on experience painting masterpiece oil paintings on art grade canvas.

Our original artwork includes an extensive range of impressionist and post- impressionist Melbourne and Sydney, Paris, Venice, Como, Saigon, Santorini Island master pieces as well as the most diversified range of surrealistic figurative and non-figurative easy to understand Abstract compositions, Expressionism and Realism, Cubism and Renaissance art.

We also provide high quality replicas of world famous master pieces of the greatest ever painters like Van Gogh the Starry Night and Cafe Terrace, Monet Water Lilies, Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper and Mona Lisa and the incredibly beautiful Gustav Klimt Oil Paintings such as The Kiss and The Tree of Life.

Our extraordinary wall art collection also includes many popular subjects of canvas oil paintings such as waterfront oil paintings, landscape oil paintings, still life paintings, abstract oil paintings, floral oil paintings and religious oil paintings mention a few.

If you do not find what you are searching for, let us know, as our artist can paint your own unique custom oil painting in almost any size imaginable. We can also turn your photos into an exquisite hand-painted oil painting of you and your loved ones.

We stand behind each oil painting with our "Buy & Try 7 Day Risk Free" guarantee which means our customers have 7 days to decide if the purchased paintings are the right ones for their homes and if they wish they can bring the paintings back and swap them over within the same price without any questions asked.

Our company philosophy is focused on providing our customers with extraordinary museum quality works of art at most affordable prices.

We look forward to enhancing your home or office with the ideal oil paintings.

Buy Online & Easy Pay Online
Landline Number: 61 3 9557 1163 Mobile Number: 0422-483-794